The MG Car Club Victoria

QR Code for contact tracing

(Last update: 11-May-2021)
The Victorian Government requires us to record details of everyone entering the clubrooms, for contact tracing purposes.
The quickest and simplest way to do this is for you to install the government’s “Service Victoria” App on your smartphone, and scan the “QR code” at the entrance to the clubrooms when you come in.
The first time you use the App, you will be asked to enter your first name and your phone number.
It can remember these details in future.
To avoid delays at the clubrooms, it is a good idea to install the App and do a test scan before you arrive.
That allows you to enter your name and phone number at home, rather than while queued up trying to get in!

Download the Service Victoria App for your phone via this web page
Run the App, tap the "Contact tracing Check-In" button, then scan the QR code below:
(if you have a big computer screen, you can do it directly off the screen, otherwise use a printout)
You should hear a "shutter" noise when the scan works, and a message saying:
 "Check in to MG Car Club test-only".
Enter your first name and phone number, then tap "Check-in to this location".
Do tick the check box saying "Remember these details for next time".

If you can't scan, tap "Having trouble? Check-in manually", and type in "2SG CMZ".
You will be prompted "Check in to MG Car Club test-only".
Type in your first name, and phone number, and tap "Check-in to this location".