MGCC National Meetings
Year Venue Host club Wratten Nuffield Results
1970 Sydney NSW NSW - Download, View
Results and Programme

1971 Melbourne VIC VIC - DownloadView
1972 Adelaide SA SA - Download, View
1973 Oran Park NSW NSW - Download, View
1974 Melbourne VIC VIC - Download, View
1975 Adelaide SA WA - Download, View
1976 Launceston TAS VIC - Download, View
1977 Katoomba NSW NSW - Download, View
1978 Perth WA SA - Download, View
1979 Ballaarat VIC VIC - Download, View
Year Venue Host club Wratten Nuffield Results
1980 Gold Coast Gold Coast SA - Download, View
1981 Glenelg SA VIC - Download, View
1982 Canberra NSW SA - Download, View
1983 Geelong VIC SA - Download, View
1984 Hobart TAS SA - Download, View
1985 Newcastle Newcastle VIC - Download, View
1986 Adelaide SA VIC - Download, View, Programme
1987 Perth WA VIC - Download, View
1988 Canberra Canberra VIC - Download, View
1989 Shepparton VIC VIC - Download, View
Year Venue Host club Wratten Nuffield Results
1990 Brisbane QLD TAS - Download, View
1991 Nowra NSW VIC - Download, View
1992 Launceston TAS VIC - Download, View
1993 Adelaide SA TAS - Download, View
1994 Newcastle Hunter Region NSW - Download, View
1995 Fremantle WA VIC - Download, View
1996 Shepparton VIC VIC SA Download, View
1997 Gold Coast Gold Coast NSW SA Download, View
1998 Hobart TAS NSW TAS Download, View
1999 Gosford NSW VIC Newcastle Download, View
Year Venue Host club Wratten Nuffield Results
2000 Newcastle Newcastle QLD QLD Download, View
2001 Canberra Canberra QLD QLD Download, View
2002 Adelaide SA VIC SA Download, View
2003 Shepparton VIC VIC QLD Download, View
2004 Warwick QLD VIC QLD Download, View
2005 Maitland Hunter Region VIC QLD Download, View
2006 Launceston TAS QLD TAS Download, View
2007 Gold Coast Gold Coast VIC QLD Download, View
2008 Tamworth NSW QLD QLD Download, View
2009 Geelong VIC QLD QLD Download, View
Year Venue Host club Wratten Nuffield Results
2010 Glenelg SA QLD QLD Download, View
2011 Newcastle Newcastle QLD QLD Download, View
2012 Hobart TAS VIC VIC View
2013 Toowoomba QLD QLD QLD Download, View, Programme
2014 Ballina
Gold Coast - -
2015 Yarra Valley VIC QLD NEW DownloadViewProgramme
2016 Perth WA+MGO+TCO QLD
Download, Programme
Download, Programme
View, Programme
View, Programme
Year Venue Host club Wratten Nuffield Results
2020 Wodonga VIC --- --- Meeting cancelled
2021 Wodonga VIC --- --- Cancelled again
2022 Lake Macquarie Newcastle VIC NEW+HUN Download, View, Programme
2023 Adelaide SA VIC QLD Download, View, Programme
2024 Tamworth NSW ??? ???

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The MG Car Clubs of Australia hold a National Meeting  over the Easter break each year.
This meeting is hosted by a different club each year.


This trophy dates back to the first National Meeting held in 1970 at Sydney.
At that meeting the Sydney MG dealers donated a trophy, which was presented to the Centre achieving the highest aggregate points score.
In 1971 the second National Meeting was held in Melbourne. Tragically, during the speed event at Calder, John Wratten sustained fatal injuries in an accident driving a MG P-type.
John was Secretary of the Victoria Centre and actively involved in the organisation of that National Meeting.
At the delegates conference following the meeting they were so moved, it was decided (with the approval of the Sydney MG dealers) that their trophy be renamed the John Wratten Memorial Trophy.
Over the ensuing years the scoring method has been modified by various “fudge factors” to give all Centres an equal opportunity for success.
The fudge factor takes into account each MG Centre’s membership numbers and the distance travelled.


In the early 1950’s, Lord Nuffield commissioned and presented to the MG Car Club UK, four prestigious trophies, in order that each year the home centre might recognise the achievements of overseas centres in various regions – Europe, United States, South Africa and Oceania.
After 1960 the Cup disappeared and with the demise of Nuffield/BMC, the competition for this trophy ceased. The trophy was found and returned in 1995.
While attending “MGs Down Under” in Perth in 1995, MG Car Club Chairman, Mike Hawke, and Overseas Director, Alan Kingwell, agreed that the Oceania Trophy would be reserved for Australia’s MG Car Clubs only, and that the Australian Clubs would decide the method of presentation.
After nationwide consultations, it was agreed that the trophy would be awarded on the basis of Concours and Motorkhana results. Each club is represented by 2% of their nominated ownership numbers with a minimum of five and a maximum of twenty used for averaging. The total points scored by each club’s 2% is totalled and then averaged with the highest average the winner


A promotional poster was produced for each National Meeting.
An almost complete gallery of all the posters may be viewed here.


The table at left has links to results and programmes for many old National Meetings.
Thanks to Peter Rayment in Queensland, we have results for most of them, and these will be made available as we get them massaged into a suitable format for download.
A "View" link is to a PDF you can read online.
A "Download" link is to a ZIP file, which will often contain EXCEL copies of the data.

If you have access to the printed programmes for any that are not listed here, please contact
The original files used to produce the programmes would be much appreciated, but even scans from a printed copy would be useful.



(not held Covid19)

(not held Covid19)