MGCC Club Concours
 ( Last updated:09-Feb-2019 )

Welcome to the MGCC Vic Concours web page. WELCOME everybody!

We have established this web page, in October 2016, to help all club members to understand and appreciate our annual Concours event.

Initially, all you will find here is our Concours Manual. This manual will tell you everything you need to know about the Concours, whether your wish is to be a competitor, a judge, or simply someone who comes to enjoy the social elements of the day. But we will be adding more features and information as time goes by.
DOWNLOAD HERE (Jan 2019 version)

As you will probably already know, be you “old hand” or new member, the club holds the annual Concours in conjunction with the AOMC (Australian Organisation of Motor Clubs). It is called the Classic Showcase of European Cars. Many other car clubs attend this event, so there are lots of other makes on show, as well as traders and other vendors.

It is a great day out- the biggest on our calendar. No other event attracts as many MG’s-sometimes in excess of 200 cars. Bring your partner, family and friends if you like, and enjoy the friendship of our great club. It is truly an enjoyable day out.

David Hutchings
Concours Director 2014-   

This is a HEADS UP for all competitors, Judges, attendees and helpers.

The MGCC Concours is to be held at the Yarra Glen Racecourse, Armstrong Road, Yarra Glen, on Sunday February 24th at the AOMC European Car Show.
This is an “all of Club” event. All Registers, all models, all Club members, whether entering the Concours events or not. It is our once a year gathering where all members of the club can get together, with their MG’s, and it is a chance to showcase our great club to other car clubs and the public at large

Here follows some general instructions and information for old hands and newcomers.

1. Early Arrivals

This applies ONLY to nominated MGCC officials, judges and helpers. The AOMC will open a gate on Armstrong Road for MG people at 7AM.
Other MG’s, please do not try to enter at this time and if you are early, please queue quietly, away from the gates.

2. General entry

All MG’s, may enter from 7.30 AM, and the Registration Desk at the MG marquees will be open from 8 AM for all those entering the Open Concours or the Club Competition Concours. Entrees will close at 9 AM sharp. There is plenty of time for all, so follow please these instructions and drive slowly inside the Racecourse.

3. Entry and Parking

After entering the main gate (there will be an MG sandwich board) as directed by officials, proceed along the road to the MG entry point inside the Racecourse itself. There you will see a friendly face, so:
3.1 Pay the $20 per car entry fee to the show. Exact money, no credit cards please.
3.2 Advise attendants if you will be entering the Open Concours for your class of MG. They will place a green sticker on your windscreen, and you will be given a Timetable for the day.
3.3 Proceed to the first traffic marshal who will direct you to your Register’s parking area. Proceed to that area and park ONLY where instructed by the parking marshal. This is important as space is limited and the organisation of the event is much easier if your car is in the correct place.
3.4 All cars entering the open Concours events MUST be driven to their parking area. All MG’s on TRAILERS must be driven to the trailer parking area to unload unless there is a good reason that they need to be unloaded close to their parking area.
3.5 Cars in the various display classes, Master Class, Preservation, Restoration, MG Racing and Youth on Wheels should be in place no later than 9AM.
3.6 As soon as you have parked as directed, go quickly to the Registration desk to complete your entry formalities.
ENTRY FORMS for the Open Concours and the Club Competition Concours (page 1 only in both cases) can be downloaded* from the club website and completed prior to the event and mailed to:
P.O. BOX 1309
Waverley Gardens VIC 3170
to arrive no later than Wednesday 20th February. Fill in ALL details at the top of the form. This form is page 1 of the scoring sheets used by the judges.
Alternatively entry forms can be filled in at the Entry desk and submitted on the day, but the above method is preferred
3.7 At the entry desk you must also present your current CLUB MEMBERSHIP card. Club Competition entrants must also pay the $5 entry fee for their event. In this case you will be given a RED STICKER which you must put on your windscreen (drivers side). Go back to your car immediately and do this!!
3.8 All entrants should return to their car immediately to finalise preparation of their MG’s. Cars MUST be presented according to the requirements on page 18 of the Concours Manual. Scoring of the car will take into account this aspect.
3.9 All entrants should stay within the vicinity of their car during judging, in case the judges have any questions. All entrants are encouraged to study the Concours Manual closely, to be familiar with how scoring is done and, therefore, how their car should be prepared. 
3.10 If you are a class winner, you will be advised as soon as the judging of your class has been completed. This could occur as early as 10AM for the smaller classes or as late as 12pm for the larger classes.
You must then drive your car to the Outright judging area opposite the administration marquees….. the “WINNERS CIRCLE”. and park as instructed. Here the Group Outright winners will be determined.
3.11 Outright judging is expected to conclude by 12.45PM, and presentation of trophies will commence at about 1PM. All Open Class winners must be in attendance and it is hoped that all MGCC attendees will be there to acknowledge the Group Outright winners.
There is a lot to do at the show so please keep your timetable handy and try to be in the right place at the right time
The AOMC British and European Car Show concludes at 2PM and, as this is a publicly advertised event, we encourage all MG attendees to remain until that time, if at all possible. It is important that we comply with the wishes of our host, the AOMC and that we maximise the exposure of the MG Car Club of Victoria.
At 2PM , packing up will start and any help will be very much appreciated

David Hutchings
Concours Director

January 5th 2019

From the Concours Manual,
Page 27 is the entry form for the OPEN CONCOURS [Download]
Page 30 is the entry form for the CLUB COMPETITION CONCOURS. [Download]
Page 13 is a summary of the new Class Structure